“Skills can be taught, but personality and attitude are forever”

You have just interviewed, what you believe to be the perfect candidate! He went to an Ivy League school, has multiple degrees, had shining references and displayed poise and professionalism during the interview. However, three months into the job, you begin to receive complaints from his colleagues saying that he is overly aggressive and disrespectful. Your supposed “star” employee, is also knocking on your door demanding more money and decision-making power. You are thinking to yourself, what went wrong?

The lesson: Skills can be taught, but personality and attitude are forever.

Employee personality should always trump talent and skills. If you can find candidates with the right attitude and personality to fit your company culture, you can groom and refine skills.

In a study conducted by Hyper Island, it was found that 78% of employers believe that “personality” is the most desirable quality in employees, followed by “cultural alignment,” and then finally “skill-set.” When it comes to specific personality traits, 14% of respondents listed drive as most important, followed by creativity (12% of respondents) and “open mindedness” (11%).  Johanna Frelin, CEO of Hyper Island attributes the results to the rapid speed of technological change.

“Skills can become outdated very fast, but how you work, the ability for self-leadership, and being an effective team member will make you employable for a long time” – Johanna Frelin.

Written by Kayla Van Schyndel


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